Swapnil Pawar

Founder, Newrl

Swapnil Pawar is a pioneer in the mainstream DeFi (decentralized finance) space. He has been involved with several projects around real-world asset tokenization (startup equity, warehouse receipts, brands, properties etc.) and on-chain lending using smart contracts.
An IIT Bombay graduate and IIM Ahmedabad post-graduate, Swapnil Pawar is an expert in the field of blockchain technology, macroeconomics, decentralized finance and quantitative investing. With over 18 years of experience in the intersection of technology and financial services, he has worked alongside major names like The Boston Consulting Group where he advised clients across Engineering, Technology and Banking sectors, and at Engineers Gate as a quant hedge fund manager.
He is the founder of ASQI, where he spearheaded the setting up of Newrl – a public blockchain aimed at mainstream financial services, which was the outcome of his assessment that blockchain technology for real-world needs to be quite different than that for cryptocurrencies.
With an aim to democratize the access to mainstream applications of blockchain for all sections of the society, Swapnil as an expert in this space aims to evangelize that there are more uses of blockchain technology than just cryptocurrencies, most of which quite relevant to common people.
He is also a published author, having written two books, Anatomy of Froth (on Global Financial Crisis of 2008) and Aesop 2.0 (a collection of short stories in postmodern philosophy). He was also on the list of ‘40 under 40’ professionals in the Alternative Investment space in India.