W3 Startup Kickoff

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur working on one or more highly promising Web 3.0 projects? Do you, as a CTO, CXO, or CEO, want to scale your Web 3.0 idea more quickly? The most intriguing early-stage Web 3.0 businesses and initiatives from Asia will be featured at W3 Startup Kickoff 2023. Gain access to finance, investors, mentorship, and more by having a chance to be one of the innovative Web 3.0 startups from Asia that are chosen to participate in 2023.

To participate in W3 Startup Kickoff 2023, you can apply right away. The W3 Startup Kickoff 2023 application deadline is March 5th, 2023.

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Entrepreneurs have three to five minutes to immediately sell their idea or story to investors, VCs, and accelerators. W3 Startup Kickoff is a unique venue where high potential businesses with marketable products and funding needs will be showcased. Your needs for business funding and investing are meant to be made simpler. Companies will interact with India’s top VCs, investors, and accelerators to talk about new business concepts, set up transactions, network, and build successful relationships.

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  • Opportunity To Pitch Directly To Investors
  • Radically Increase Your Chances Of Receiving Funding
  • Space To Showcase Your Startup
  • Scorecard On Investment Worthiness Of Your Venture/ Pitch
  • Winner Gets To Featured In Entrepreneur Media Partner with Entrepreneur’s ecosystem and leverage the network for scaling your Web 3.0 projects.
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Bringing the business and innovation together. Kick-start Your Journey In Web 3 - this is an exclusive opportunity for web 3 developers to build for future. Tell us about what problems and idea spaces excites you and if selected, you get the opportunity to build with our esteemed partners with access to mentorship and grants on later stages, as you move through. Selected participants at later stages will be recognised at the W3Summit which would open gates to funding, support, mentorship and industry exposure.

Participating Investors/
VCs at 0xNetwork
Selected startups, web3 projects, partners, kick-off participants and exhibitors will get access to some of the most active angel/VCs from the ecosystem:
  • Meetings with portfolio and fund managers
  • VCs only meet with pre-booked founders of interest
  • Zero commission deals
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