Investors Profile
  • TCA funds scalable startups that have gained market traction and are in the early revenue stage; provided they solve a critical problem for consumers or businesses, using a unique solution

    Sectors: SaaS, AI/ML, DeepTech, AR/VR, Drones

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1.5 Cr

  • Inflexor is a deep-tech focused multi-stage investment fund looking at investing in early-stage companies from Seed to Series B stages.

    Sectors: DeepTech, Enterprise Saas, SpaceTech, Biotech, Telecom, AI, ML

    Average Ticket Size: INR 4 Crores

  • CFJ is dedicated to seeking out early stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth whilst the projects get longterm support from strong community.

    Sectors: Web3

    Average Ticket Size: INR 20 lakhs-1 Crores

  • BVVentures is a leading Swiss-based venture capital firm focussing on high- quality web3 and emerging technologies businesses operating responsibly.

    Sectors: B2B- Blockchain, AI, ML, Cybersecurity, Future of Finance

    Average Ticket Size: INR 2-4 Crores

  • Datakatalyst Ventures has worked with some of the best startups across India and beyond, helping founders to raise funds.

    Sectors: Domain Agnostic

    Average Ticket Size: INR 4 crore to INR 40 crore

  • Symbi Angels is a Community Angel Network started by Symbi alumni to support the startup ecosystem, by investing in innovative tech ventures at the seed stage

    Sectors:Domain Agnostic

    Average Ticket Size: INR 50 lakh to 2 crore

  • fluid ventures is an early stage, direct to consumer focused venture capital fund that invests in visionary entrepreneurs that are creating digital first, innovative and world-class consumer brand and driving positive change in the consumer behaviour.

    Sectors:D2C Focused

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1- 3 Crores

  • Eximius Ventures is a SEBI registered (Cat 1 AIF) micro venture fund looking to create a thriving global entrepreneurial community and nurture young talent in India

    Sectors:Fintech, Helathtech, Gaming

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1-4 Crores

  • Blinc is an India-based venture capital fund committed to funding EdTech and Fintech startups focused on building a better tomorrow by harnessing the power of technology to build and strengthen products and services catering to the global Education and Finance sectors.

    Sectors:Edtech, Fintech

    Average Ticket Size: INR 4-30 Crores

  • Java capital is SEBI registered pre-seed/seed run by career Venture Capitalists and startup ecosystem enablers with over 20+ years of experience between them across pre-seed, seed, and early stage investments

    Sectors:Fintech, Healthtech, SaaS, Mobile Internet. Consumer & Deep Tech

    Average Ticket Size: INR 2 Crores

  • Inflection Point Ventures is an early stage angel investing platform that provides both monetary and non-monetary support to the startups.

    Sectors:E-commerce, Fintech, Virtual Assistance, Healthtech.

    Average Ticket Size: INR 20 Crores

  • Silverneedle Ventures is a sector agonistic venture capital firm based in Madhapur, India. The firm prefers to invest in the technology sector.

    Sectors:Saas, Deep technology, sustainability & emerging technologies

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1-6 Crores

  • We Founder Circle is a global community of successful founders & strategic angels, who want to actively collaborate with early stage startups to help them grow fast by offering seed funding, business development and global networking.

    Sectors:Deeptech, Web3, Fintech, Healthtech, Agritech, EV and D2C

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1.5 Crores

  • Woodstock is a Thesis and Research driven fund, investing in early and growth stage Web 3.0 startups.

    Sectors:Blockchain, Web3

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1.5-10 Crores

  • KYT Ventures is a pan-India angel network that brings together the ... the passion of nurturing early-stage ventures to create scale and value for all.

    Sectors:Biotech, Health-Tech, Media and Entertainment

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1-2.5 Crores

  • Draper Dragon is a venture capital firm headquartered in San Mateo, California. The firm seeks to invest in the early and middle-stage companies in the digital assets, information technology, and healthcare sectors.

    Sectors:digital assets, IT, and healthcare space

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1.5-80 Crores

  • 3 Peaks Ventures invest in sustainable change, and revolution, building it from the ground up based on research, deep thinking, and a strong foundation of evidence

    Sectors:Sector Agnostic

    Average Ticket Size: INR 1Crores