Salone Sehgal

Founding General Partner, Lumikai

Salone is the world's first female General Partner of a gaming and interactive media fund. She co-founded Lumikai, India's first interactive media and gaming VC. Salone is one of the handful of female founding partners of VC funds in India. With INR 300+ crores of AUM, in less than 2 years, the early - stage fund has already backed 12 of India's leading games companies which have collectively raised INR 670+ crores and employed 300+ people. Salone has 15+ years of experience as a global games & media investor, entrepreneur and former M&A banker. Previously, she was Principal at LVP, Europe's pioneering seed stage gaming VC (invested in 40+ companies delivering $20Bn in shareholder value).She was Co-founder & CEO of TrulySocial, a venture backed gaming company building immersive social worlds.