Roshan Vadassery

Founder, Permissionless

Roshan started coding at the age of 11 and at the age of 24, he leads a robust team of 30 employees at Permissionless, all working towards the same vision of building a public infrastructure for the new web and solving complex problems leveraging the beautiful technology that is ‘blockchain'' where transparency and shared ownership are going to be prominent variables in macro consumerism.
In a world where there is a constant debate on data encryption and data privacy, Roshan and his team are eliminating trust issues on a technical level and building an ‘OPEN SOURCE’ network. Permissionless is a decentralized autonomous organization built by people who have worked in the shadows of the blockchain industry and have come together to reduce the dependency on centralized entities as the first touch point for adopters of the new web.
Recently, they also launched, a productivity eco-system which aims to increase human productivity by creating better cooperating mechanisms using AI & Blockchain.