Pearl Agarwal

Founder & Managing Director, Eximius Ventures

She is one of the youngest female GPs in the country in the venture capital space. She holds almost a decade of experience across financial services - endowment fund, investment bank, and PE fund across Austin, NY, and London. After her global stints, she moved back to India and started Eximius Ventures in 2020 to pursue her passion for supporting tech-led innovation. In a short period of time, she's on the captable of some notable companies like, Jar, BluSmart, Trell, Infeedo, etc. Apart from being an investor, Pearl is also the founder of a platform called DotReview which is a Glassdoor for investors in India.She has backed 15 startups including the likes of Trell, GroMo (YC funded), Infeedo (Tiger funded), BluSmart (BP Ventures funded), Exprs, Redwing Labs, FWD, Nexweave, Chisos (US-based company), CrowdPad (US-based web 3 company), Mingout, etc. As a fund, they are focusing on sectors like fintech, health tech, and gaming - they are also looking at Web3. She believes the right founder will still attract funding despite there being a funding winter and founders need to be cautious and invest in areas that give the best returns.