Pankaj Raut

Co-founder & CEO, AjnaLens

Pankaj is an innovator, a visionary leader and a true engineer at heart. Pankaj is driven by the vision to create a grassroots-level impact in India. He left a high-paying job in London to return to India only to create a positive transformation in people's lives. Prior to founding AjnaLens, he had developed Europe's best 3D scanning system which can convert photos into 3D models for games, 3D printing and digitising humans. Recognised as one of India's 10 most Influential thought leaders in immersive technology as well as 30 under 30 by Entrepreneur Today. He has been featured in top publications such as The Guardian (UK), Fortune Magazine, Economic Times, Harvard (USA) and many more. He was invited to share insights on the future of XR on various platforms like TieCON Mumbai, the High Commission of India - London, and Immersion VR Fest.