Mukundan Govindaraj

Principal Solutions Architect, NVIDIA

Over 14 years of experience in immersive technologies (augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality), industrial metaverse, digital twins, computer vision algorithms and real-time 3D solutions, with a strong foundation in game engines and Computer-generated imagery (CGI | VFX) pipeline.
Mukundan is working for Nvidia as part of AI and digital twin architecture team. Previously he was heading the metaverse practise at Boston Consulting Group for APAC.
Having built and led 500+ digital twin and metaverse experiences in the field of aerospace, architecture, energy, education, healthcare, media and entertainment, manufacturing, military, industrial, law enforcement, media, retail sector and ++. Have conceptualized and led the complete design, development and deployment of large-scale metaverse platforms both on-prem and on-cloud.
Some areas of research around Metaverse: AI in Metaverse, AR based assembly line explorations, Crime Scene investigation in VR, Diagnostic and rehabilitation VR system for low vision syndrome, Generative AI for 3D assets, NERF, Photogrammetry, R&D in MR assisted liver surgery, Spherical dome projection
Member of the syllabus committee board of Anna University, India and Bath University, UK.