Harpreet Singh Maan

CEO & Co-founder, Blocklime

Harpreet Singh Maan is CEO and Co-founder of Blocklime. Harpreet gained diverse experience in software development, information technology, blockchain & distributed ledger technology (DLT) development. He started coding at the age of 14 & exploring Blockchain at the age of 19. Eventually, his curiosity and effort led him to become a Blockchain developer early in his career. Harpreet envisions a future where DLT is integrated into everyone's daily lives, and he firmly believes that DLT's applicability can be extended beyond financial and asset management. With this vision, he founded Blocklime, a Malaysian-based development & training company, specialising in Blockchain and DLTs. He is a thought leader focusing on solving problems with DLTs and exploring their potential applications in fintech, insurtech, and regtech. He believes that it is crucial to build talents and communities by conducting blockchain & DLT training.