Vickaash Agarwal

Partner, Illuminati Digital Capital

Vickaash Agarwal stands as a testament to what vision, innovation, and strategic acumen can achieve in the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With a journey that commenced in Ethereum mining in 2020, Vickaash swiftly recognized the burgeoning potential of the sector. By 2021, he had already founded - Bluewheel Mining, a behemoth Bitcoin mining operation stationed in Russia, boasting a commendable 10MW capacity. This venture isn't just about harnessing computational power but is a reflection ofVickaash's belief in the transformative potential of digital currencies.
Diversifying his portfolio, Vickaash has demonstrated his prowess as a strategic investor, supporting over 100 groundbreaking blockchain startups. Central to his investment ventures is Illuminati Digital Capital. Under his guidance, the firm has consistently scouted and nurtured talent and innovation across Asia, Europe, and MENA. This commitment to backing the future leaders of the digital realm is further evident through investments in standout projects like zkLink, Web3Auth, Cymbal, and Cross the Ages.

Sessions by Vickaash Agarwal :
16:00 - 17:00
What VCs Want Web3 Founders to Know