1. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

  • Challenge: Explore ways DAOs can revolutionize decision-making and resource allocation across various industries.
  • Problem Statements: Participants can choose any problem statement related to DAOs under this theme.

2. Digital Wallets for Microtransactions:

  • Challenge: Craft digital wallets enabling seamless microtransactions for small, frequent payments.
  • Problem Statements: Participants can choose any problem statement related to Digital wallets for microtransactions under this theme.
Hackathon Process
  • Step 1: Registration and Shortlisting
    • Register online by 29th February.
    • Shortlisted teams will be announced by 3rd March.
  • Steps 2: Demo Day
    • Each team gets 10 minutes to pitch their idea.
    • Three levels of screening:
      • Level 1: Based on registration inputs.
      • Level 2: Shortlisting based on code review (provide a working solution).
      • Level 3: Top 15 teams pitch in person at the venue.
  • Step 3: AMA Session
    • Join our AMA session on 27th February 2024 for insights and Q&A.
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Benefits to Participate
  • Recognition by Entrepreneur Media at W3Summit
  • Exclusive one-on-one meetings with venture capitalists and investors
  • Access to community grants and programs (accessible upon selection)
  • Guidance from mentors, experts, and high-net-worth individuals
  • Complimentary invitations for the team to the conference, valued at $1200
Judging Criteria

Your solution will be evaluated based on:

  • Innovation: How creative and novel is your solution?
  • Technical Implementation: Quality of code and use of relevant technologies.
  • Impact: Potential impact on the industry or problem addressed.
  • Feasibility: Practicality and scalability.
  • Presentation: Clarity, communication, and persuasiveness.
  • User Experience: Intuitive design and usability.
  • Adherence to Theme: How well your solution aligns with the theme.
Previous Participating Investors/
VCs at 0xNetwork
Selected startups, web3 projects, partners, kick-off participants and exhibitors will get access to some of the most active angel/VCs from the ecosystem:
  • Meetings with portfolio and fund managers
  • VCs only meet with pre-booked founders of interest
  • Zero commission deals
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