Tarun Katial

Founder & CEO, coto

Tarun Katial is Founder & CEO, coto, a social community platform for women. 'coto’ aims to drive expression, creation, and community enablement through continual content ownership and collaboration. Through the platform, Tarun wants to build a responsible virtual environment that incentivises and gives an equal shot at digital value creation for women worldwide.
Katial’s robust experience adds to his drive for building a community that is versatile, interactive, responsible and safe. A Kellogg’s alumnus, the former ZEE5 CEO blends technology and consumer insights in building digital products. He is a strong believer in the capacities of blockchain to free users from algorithmic drawbacks of Web2 and provide a safe, personalised experience in Web3.

Sessions by Tarun Katial:
Day 2
10:15 - 10:35
From Web 2 to Web 3 : How will Web 3 change the current Web 2 business landscape?