Rohit Jain

MD, CoinDCX Ventures

Rohit Jain is the Managing Director of CoinDCX Ventures. Rohit has extensive experience as an investor, advisor and entrepreneur in the finance, technology, entertainment and real estate industries, amongst others.
Rohit has founded and mentored several startups and successfully helped them with fund-raising, strategy and product development. In addition to his own startups, he has worked with organizations like Fundamentum, Myntra, and McKinsey & Co in his previous roles. As a strong believer in the immense potential of blockchain, Rohit is committed to helping entrepreneurs and startups across the globe build, grow and revolutionize this industry.
Rohit has done his BTech in computer science from IIT, Guwahati and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Sessions by Rohit Jain:
16:00 - 17:00
What VCs Want Web3 Founders to Know

VC funding for Web3 saw a drop in 2023. Surviving the bear market is vital for startups, as they can still succeed by providing value. The panel will discuss what VCs are seeking from Web3 founders. Which specific areas with Web3 are they keen on putting their money into?