Ravi Sundararajan

Managing Partner, CEO VirASTRAL

Ravi is the Managing Partner and CEO of VirASTRAL. VirASTRAL is a founder-led early-stage startup studio focused on providing funding, mentorship and connections to fellow founders building world-shaping Web3 and Generative AI companies from India. Prior to VirASTRAL, Ravi was COO of Gupshup, heading Product, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Business Development, Solutions Development and Support functions for Gupshup. He led Gupshup's explosive earnings and revenue growth from 2011-2022,by jumpstarting its CloudCommunications Business in 2011 and growingitsrevenue to ~$250 million, in CY22 and helping it become a leader in Conversational AI and a Unicorn in 2021. Before Gupshup Ravi was founder and CEO of a Web analytics startup, and also held various senior executive roles at Symantec including leading product management, solutions development and marketing for Symantec's $2.1 Billion Information Security solutions. Before that he was General Manager of Enterprise Content Delivery and Cloud Services business at Akamai, Vice President at Palm/HPand Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. He has been awarded US patents for innovative cloud data management inventions and is a frequent speaker at various industry summits. He started his career at Sun Microsystems where he was a key member of design team that built Sun's first 64-bit server system Ultra-1 for the Internet data center and cloud computing market. Ravi has an MS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Harvard University.