Dr.Amit Raj

Managing Director, Plexus MedCare

Cardiologist, HealthCare Innovator, Med-Tech Specialist, Healthcare Strategist, Philanthropist, Sportsman & Musician Internal Medicine & Critical Care Specialist, worked in various roles in Healthcare Environment from Clinician to Administration & now a Healthcare Entrepreneur. Have done Executive Education – Management Development Programme (MDP) Harvard Business School, Boston, 2017 - Value based Healthcare Strategy & Performance Excellence The Management & Business Schools have given the upper edge in Healthcare Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Healthcare Business Strategy, Corporate Accountability, Healthcare Finance and Administration at all levels. Member of European Society of Cardiology- ESC 2017 Associate at American College of Cardiology-June- 2016 European Board of Accreditation in Cardiology - EBAC, 2017, International Post Graduate Course in Cardiovascular Diseases, Davos, Switzerland.

Sessions by Dr.Amit Raj :
10:15 - 10:35
From Web 2 to Web 3 : How will Web 3 change the current Web 2 business landscape?