Akarsh K. Hebbar

MD, Global Display and Semiconductor, Vedanta Group

Akarsh K. Hebbar is Global Managing Director for Vedanta’s Semiconductor and Display Glass business. He also serves as Managing Director for AvanStrate Inc., a pioneer in the technology development and manufacture of glass substrates for thin film transistors (TFT) color liquid crystal displays (LCD). Headquartered in Japan with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and South Korea, AvanStrate Inc. is part of the Vedanta Group, and Akarsh is a key promoter-shareholder. Akarsh is currently orchestrating an ambitious project that encompasses establishing India’s first state-of-the-art semiconductor and display fabs with an investment of $20Bn. He envisions a bright future for India in high tech manufacturing and believes that these fabs will foster a robust electronics manufacturing ecosystem, attracting 200+ domestic players and MNCs to Make in India.
Understandably, Akarsh is passionate about technology, and has led Vedanta’s digital practice, overseeing digitization and digitalization processes across the conglomerate. He also has tech domain experience in companies like Oracle, Google and McKinsey. Akarsh completed his BE in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Mumbai University and earned his MBA from London Business School.
A firm believer in an Atmanirbhar Bharat, Akarsh takes personal interest in mentoring young entrepreneurs to support the creation of an Indian startup ecosystem. He co-founded YODA, an animal welfare organization. He is also a sports enthusiast and enjoys an occasional game of basketball